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Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Montreal for 2022 – Where did we rank?

Our CFO, Nicholas Sosiak, has ranked #6 of the top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders from Montreal. Take a look at this article which resumes some of Nicholas career achievements .

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KIND Winter Fair in Toronto – Interview & CityTV segment.

Our CFO, Nicholas Sosiak talks about the KIND Winter Fair that happened in Toronto’s “Rendez-View” on the 7th & 8th of December 2022. Live from CityTV!



DISCIPLINED STONERS | Podcast on Spotify

Disciplined Stoners – Podcast full Interview.

In this podcast from the “Disciplined Stoners”, Nicholas Sosiak & KIND organizer Nicole Wolfe discuss the KIND Winter Fair event.



In this article from the Cannabis Growing Magazine “Grow Opportunity“, Nicholas Sosiak discusses the various aspects of strategic partnerships between LPs and people who breed Cannabis.

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Cannara Biotech: Canadian Cannabis Grow with Nicholas Sosiak

In this episode, Nick Morin interviews Nicholas Sosiak from Cannara BioTech, we get to learn about the Canadian cannabis industry, his vision to grow great cannabis and more!

grodan groshow podcast logo

Our CFO Nicholas Sosiak on the Grodan Groshow podcast.

During the show, Nicholas details his journey into the cannabis industry, how Cannara came to be, his love of genetics, the joys and challenges of the Canadian cannabis industry, and what’s next for Cannara.

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Cannara Biotech: A Deep Dive

Technical420 goes deep in financial analysis of Cannara

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Investor webcast

Our CFO, Nicholas Sosiak, discuss key areas of Cannara’s business.

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Listen to Nick Sosiak during a livestream and interview with Rod from POW Group.

You will be getting an update on Cannara’s recent financials and plans for the next few quarters, new products and partnerships, and much more!

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Cannara helps bring Exotic Mike’s famous buds to Canada.

Well-established Quebec cultivator enters into exclusive brand partnership with Exotic Genetix.

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This Is Why Cannara Biotech Is An Execution Story That Is Flying Under The Radar

Read about why Cannara is one of the most misunderstood cannabis operators in North America.

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OTCQB Podcast

Nicholas Sosiak joins OTCQB to share how the company crafts the brand and culture to build brand loyalty.

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“This ‘sharing of knowledge’ is what makes our industry so awesome”

4/20 special series with Nicholas on insights on the cannabis industry’s developments and prospects.

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Is there money to be made in Quebec if cannabis is legalized in the United States?

Discussion with journalist Emile Berube-Lupien on Canada’s place in the recent legislation.

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Nick Sosiak on Interview Series from mycannabis

Nicholas takes us through his journey as CFO for Cannara Biotech as he shares insights into the critical success factors that any cannabis entrepreneur should fully grasp.

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Nicholas Sosiak today on The Green Peak with Richard Zwicky on Cannabis Radio

Interview with The Green Peak discussing Cannara’s growth strategy and the viability of growing/cultivation in Canada.

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Cannabinoid Project’s Podcast with Nick Sosiak

Topics Discussed:

  • The current state of the second wave of Canadian LPs
  • Shifting focus from cultivation to CPG
  • Product formulation trends in Canada
  • Canadian cannabis marketing restrictions
  • Genetics to keep SKUs fresh and maintain sales volume
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Our CFO at The Green Rush Podcast

Listen as they explore the unique Quebec market, Cannara’s business model, why flower remains king and how his team is building immense brand loyalty despite stringent marketing regulations.

The Fly

Rising High: Exclusive talk with cannabis producer Cannara Biotech.

The piece highlights Q1 earnings, Cannara’s footprint in Quebec and how flower continues to steer the sales in the cannabis market.


Flower Still King Of US

“The market might be shifting to a “second wave” of cannabis cultivators who focus more on the craft side of growing than the large companies that control the bulk of the market.” said Nick Sosiak, Chief Financial Officer.

financial post

How Cannara Biotech is dominating the new wave of cannabis cultivation

Our CFO discusses the accelerated retail price compression of cannabis products.

POW Group logo

POW Group Interviews Cannara CFO

Discussion about the new Valleyfield facility, market outlook, MD&A, regulations, financials and much more.